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Gifts For the Modern Men: Top Must-Have Accessories For Him

You’ve probably heard the saying where the clothes make the man. While there are truths in that statement, you shouldn’t be leaving out the accessories anyway. Clothes do make the man… They help to express individuality and communicate style. Yet, accessories can help to enhance your style and showcase your creativity in mixing and matching up your outfits.

From an elegant belt to cufflinks or even some seemingly extra-looking bowtie, accessories are a really fun way for you to add dimension to your outfits. They can also take your outfits to the next level, by turning the ordinary to extraordinary by adding pops of colours and creating statement pieces. Read on to find out the unique gifts for men.

Besides these wonderful purposes, they are also perfect to complement any outfit and are the ideal gifts for all men. Whether you’re looking for a simple leather black belt or something fancier such as funky cufflinks or patterned neckties, the possibilities are endless.

Before we dive into the list of must-have accessories and gift ideas, let’s really understand the importance of men’s accessories.

Importance of Men’s Accessories

Let the accessories speak for itself. While your fashion foundation is the clothes itself, your accessories can help to elevate a look, add a personal touch and even serve practical and functional purposes. Here are more reasons why men’s accessories are wardrobe essentials:


With a range of different accessories, they each come with a purpose. A belt, for instance, helps to hold up the pants while adding class. Socks help to keep your feet warm while adding comfort and fun elements to your shoes.

Ultimately, you’d want to adorn the accessories that serve your intended purposes, while being able to convey your style cohesively.


Regardless of the occasion, whether you’re looking to dress up or dress down, men’s accessories offer a range of versatility. For instance, a simple black leather belt can be paired with a pair of casual pants for the everyday look, or worn together with a suit for a more formal occasion. This is why they make such useful gifts for men.

Lasting impression

Dress to impress. You can probably make a lasting impression if you choose the right accessories to go with your outfit. Be it making a good first impression on your job interview with the right tie, distinctive cufflinks or stylish silk knots, these accessories will help you to leave a lasting impact on your employers. At the same time, they help to create professionalism in your personal style.


With the right accessories, there’s no doubt that it can help elude a sense of confidence. Accessories such as a classic pocket square and necktie will easily make a good impression and ensure you look put-together. Naturally, as you feel and look good, you will also feel more self-assured and confident to go about your day.


Stray away from the usual accessories and add an X factor to your outfit. For instance, turn your casual outfit into something more retro by adding a fedora hat and a pair of coloured socks. If you’re wearing a made-to-measure suit,  to add ornaments to your outfit, while giving it some flair. Go bold with a colourful necktie or bowtie to add a pop of colour to your fit.

Complete the Look

No look is completed without accessories. Simply throw on simple accessories like fancy socks,  belts, or ties as the finishing touches to your outfit. You can also mix and match different accessories to create the perfect and polished, yet cohesive outfit ensemble.


As your must-have accessories, this is the part where style meets sophistication. Designed as the perfect element to add the finishing touches to your outfit, choose from an array of accessories that are versatile as gifts for every style and occasion.


As the most known type of accessory for men, belts are by far the simplest gift. A belt serves the practical purpose of holding up a pair of pants but also helps to add style to any outfit. Belts are also available in distinctive styles such as classic leather, canvas and braided / webbing styles.

Black / Green Reversible Leather Belt
Black / Green Reversible Leather Belt

Neck Ties

Worn with a decorative or aesthetic purpose in mind, neckties help to keep the shirt collar neat and drape down the chest for an added style. Most neckties are available in the usual monochrome colours such as black, grey or dark brown. But you can take it a notch further by opting for a more textured or coloured type of necktie.

Blue with Paisley SG Inspired Print Woven Necktie - NT11.8
Blue With Paisley SG Inspired Print Woven Necktie


Create a fancier look as you switch out your ordinary buttons on your sleeves with cufflinks. As statement pieces, cufflinks are an excellent gift choice to elevate any outfit, along with adding confidence.

Abalone Shell Singapore Iconic Merlion with Crystal Eyes Cufflinks C201NA-043
Singapore Iconic Merlion Cufflinks Made With Genuine Abalone Shells

Say Majulah Singapura! proudly with the  Singapore Iconic Merlion Cufflinks Made With Genuine Abalone Shells. As part of the capsule collection to capture the Singapore story, this cufflink is inspired by the uniquely Singaporean icon, the Merlion. Made from a genuine abalone shell with white crystal eyes, this cufflink demonstrates beauty in simplicity, making it a fashion piece that will never go out of style.


Instead of neckties, up your outfit game with something fancier and different — bowties. Fashionably interesting and a unique piece of accessory, they are available in a wide range of colours that give you plenty of opportunities to mix and match with your outfits and wear for different occasions. For the pattern lovers out there, bowties are also available in different prints and patterns for you to choose from. Other cool variations of bowties include denim, dobby woven, knitted and reversible bowties.

Solid Wine and Navy Reversible Woven Self Tie Bowtie WRSTBT3.11
Solid Wine And Navy Reversible Woven Self Tie Bowtie

Pocket Squares

Add some flair to your look with a decorative pocket square that sits in the breast pocket of your jacket or blazer. A simple yet stunning piece of fabric, pocket squares are often available in a series of popping colours which helps to offer your outfits a flamboyant flair with just the right amount of subtle explosion of colour.  To complete the look, you may even pair your pocket square with a tie or pop it in your pocket and let it do all the talking.

Solid Carmine Pink Pocket Square PSQ22.9
Solid Carmine Pink Pocket Square

Tuxedo Studs

Created only for tuxedo shirts, this is the perfect gift for all professional and working men. The studs help to lend your outfit a more formal feel while fitting into the buttonholes of the shirt placket, conveying a subtle touch of flamboyance to any outfit. Tuxedo studs also come in varying colours to help you create a contrast to your outfit, along with helping you to better match your shirts and blazers. As a fixed fastening and an elegant enamel core, tuxedo studs are a perfect addition to your sartorial choices.

Abalone Shell in Silver Tuxedo Studs Set - S131FP-007
Abalone Shell In Silver Tuxedo Studs Set


Bring back old-school trends to the modern world. Suspenders are now the ins for formal wear and are great to match with tuxedos. They can be worn in the classic leather variations, or taken up a notch with double back clips. But keep in mind that suspenders should never be worn with a belt, otherwise, the fashion police would have a word about this.

Other Tips to Accessorise

Choose the right accessories

Instead of simply choosing random accessories to “complete the outfit”, go for versatile pieces that can complement any type of style of clothing. You can easily ace this step by going for the classic colours and patterns. But of course, don’t be afraid to experiment with different brighter colours and patterns as well.

Consider the style and select the accessories based on the relevant colours, patterns, and overall style of your clothing. Instead of competing, these accessories should help complement any look effortlessly.

Mix and match

Depending on each individual style, find different pieces of accessories and experiment if they would go well with certain fits. Where available, mix and match unique pieces such as bohemian-inspired or retro accessories to create a more unique and distinctive look.

Create a statement

Don’t be afraid to go bold! Try on different accessories such as a bolder bag or brighter shades to make a statement in your outfit and express your personal style. Then, add some jewellery as the finishing touches for the perfect look.

Have fun!

When creating your outfit, you shouldn’t be stressing about what to wear. Have fun during the process and experiment with different looks. Get crafty and creative —  try new things and see what works best!

Time to Go Shopping!

Now you’re equipped with the right knowledge about accessories and the list of must-haves, you’re ready to go shopping. Remember, not only are accessories thoughtful and best gifts for men, but they can easily help elevate their style and add personality.

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